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Welcome to the events hosted by Star Trek Italian Club and Ultimo Avamposto! From here you can access the
related minisites where you can find more informations on guests, programs and games! Enjoy!



The STICCON is a four days convention hosted by Star Trek Italian Club and Ultimo Avamposto devoted to Star Trek. In 2012 STICCON hosts ITALCON, the national convention of science fiction and the fantastic, and YAVINCON, the convention of Yavin 4, the club devoted to Star Wars, fantasy and science fiction.

Pulsante Reunion
The Reunion is the fall/winter three day convention hosted by STIC, UA and other SF clubs. Along with Star Trek we talk about Doctor Who, Gundam, Star Wars and many more worlds!
Here you can find informations about one-day events held in Ultimo Avamposto shop in Bologna. Among the latest events: encounters with Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi in ST: TNG), Robert Picardo (the Doctor in ST: VOY), John Billingsley (Phlox in ST: ENT).